Environmental Benefits

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EKS-DT reduces the demand on fresh water sources by increasing the water available for reuse and decreases the disturbed land footprint from tailings handling, storage, and disposal. The EKS-DT process is clearly environmentally superior to current technologies on all counts: Less fugitive GHG emissions The process can be operated by…

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Improve Long-Term Sustainability


EKS – Dewatering Technology process test results demonstrate clearly that the overall impact of EKS-DT will be to improve the long-term sustainability of Alberta’s oil sands industry. Social Responsibility The EKS-DT process is clearly socially superior to current technologies on all counts: Eliminates current environmental liabilities in the near term…

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Reduce Costs


EKS has prepared a detailed quantitative life cycle analysis for its technology and used these results to compare its economic and environmental performance with other dewatering technologies. The EKS-DT process clearly out performs existing technologies. Competitive advantages include: Significantly lower operating costs Greatly reduce material handling Rapid dewatering Geotechnically stable…

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