Benefits of the EKS-DT Process

Dewatering oil sands tailings using the EKS-DT process will:

  • Reduce the costs of tailings management,
  • Increase investor confidence by reducing owner/operator ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) liabilities
  • Reduce demand on fresh water sources by increasing the water available for reuse,
  • Decrease the disturbed land footprint from tailings handling, storage, and disposal, and
  • Reduce GHG and other air pollution emissions by rapidly consolidating the FFT, eliminating fugitive emissions and by reducing the use of heavy equipment and other machinery.

EKS has prepared a detailed quantitative life cycle analysis for its technology and used these results to compare its economic and environmental performance with other dewatering technologies. The EKS-DT process clearly out performs existing technologies. These results provide compelling evidence of the ability of the EKS-DT process to make a significant contribution to the long-term sustainability of Alberta’s oil sands industry.

The following benefits are quantitively supported by the previously mentioned detailed LCA, which can be provided upon request:


The EKS-DT process is clearly environmentally superior to current technologies on all counts:

  • Less fugitive GHG emissions
  • The process can be operated by renewables (i.e. no GHG emissions)
  • Immediate progressive reclamation of tailings
  • Immediate elimination of legacy tailings inventory
  • No EPLs (End-pit Lakes)
  • Less water use

Social Responsibility

The EKS-DT process is clearly socially superior to current technologies on all counts:

  • Eliminates current environmental liabilities in the near term
  • Prevents the build up of future environmental and economic liabilities
  • Reduces the risk of long-term climate change
  • Transfers tailings cleanup costs to present consumers


The EKS-DT process is clearly superior to current technologies on all counts from a regulatory perspective

  • Allows the Lower Athabasca Region – Tailings Management Framework to be fully implemented as originally intended
  • Eliminates the regulatory and technical uncertainty associated with end-pit lakes
  • Allows immediate responses to more stringent future regulations
  • Reduces greatly the risks associated with current technologies (e.g. offspec product)
  • Reduces significantly the need for water withdrawals

Similar benefits are available by applying EKS-DT to other mining operations and industries where difficult-to-dewater slurries and/or unstable clay soil conditions are present.

EKS-DT Process Innovations

Following are some of the innovations developed by EKS:

  • Patented power signature reduces energy consumption and extends life of anodes,
  • Horizontal electrode arrays,
  • Rapid and simple electrode array deployment system for large deposits,
  • Automated control system that remotely regulates the process to maximise energy efficiency and dewatering reliability,
  • Energy-recovery gas collection systems, and
  • Solar-powered EKS-DT systems.