About Us

ELECTROKINETIC SOLUTIONS (EKS)—EKS, Inc. a clean technology company, has developed the ElectroKinetic Solutions – Dewatering Technology (EKS-DT). This innovative technology is applicable to a wide range of industrial situations where difficult-to-dewater slurries, sludges and unstable clay soil conditions are present. EKS-DT is particularly well suited to dewatering the fine fluid tailings produced during the extraction of bitumen from oil sand. Extensive research has shown that EKS-DT is energy efficient and cost competitive.


We believe we will be the catalyst that changes people’s liabilities associated with waste, process and contaminated water to competitive advantages. We will fulfill our customers needs by maintaining long term relationships while simultaneously creating shareholder value. We trust each other to support a culture of safety, innovation, and respect.


Our current focus is on resolving perhaps one of the most challenging needs in the oil sands industry; namely rapidly dewatering to a high final % solids level oil sands tailings. These tailings include the large inventory of fine fluid tailings (FFT) that has been produced over the last 30 years by Alberta’s oil sands industry plus new fresh tailings that are continuing to be produced daily by the industry.

EKS is supported by staff and labs in both Alberta and Ontario, Canada. We also leverage a worldwide network of experts on the subject of electrokinetics and tailing managements.

EKS is also developing applications of its technology for other types of mine tailings, slurries and sludges. Research is ongoing into additional applications and improvements to the technology.

EKS, Inc. technology was originally developed by DPRA Canada, Inc. DPRA continues to be a partner in the development of EKS, Inc. technology.

EKS, Inc. welcomes early investors to study its business plans, understand its growth potential and capital formation needs.

For more information about EKS, please email info@eks.ca.

EKS Leadership Team

Jim Micak


James Micak has served as EKS President since 2013 and previously served as CEO until the appointment of Shaun Kavalinas. After graduating from the University of Waterloo Environmental Studies program, he entered the Ontario Public Service serving in various managerial positions over a 16-year period. He then built a successful consulting practice focused on sustainable development technologies, providing strategic advice on a wide range of environmental and resource development policies and projects to public and private sector clients, and assisting clients in obtaining regulatory approval of resource development projects. Prior experience included more than 10-years as CEO of DPRA Canada and a member of DPRA Inc. Board of Directors. Jim has been a director of EKS since 2013.

Ed Hanna

Vice-President Research and Technology Development

Edward Hanna is EKS Vice-President, Research and Technology Development. Since 2016, he has been responsible for the research programs in support of the EKS technologies. He also is responsible for the innovation and assessment of new EKS technologies and for bringing these technologies to a commercial state. Prior to joining EKS, Ed worked as a successful private consultant specializing in developing innovative solutions to environmental, energy and resource management challenges and opportunities. His work has extended across Canada, the USA and Mexico. As well, he has worked in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He brings to EKS a great depth and breadth of experience in terms of engineering, economics and applied research and management.

John Vandersleen

Senior Manager Technology Development

John has served as Senior Manager Technology Development for EKS since October 2018. He has contributed his electrochemical engineering experience to the successful design and operation of the EKS-DT field test. John also manages the EKS ex situ research program, providing data to answer the key research questions for the commercialization of EKS’ emerging technologies. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Chemistry from Queen’s University and a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. To EKS John also brings six years of experience, including electrochemical engineering research and work in the upstream oil and gas industry. John has demonstrated a strong ability for analytical problem solving and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve operational excellence.