EKS-DT Process Documentation

EKS has been developing the EKS-DT process since 2010.  Over that time, numerous tests have been run.  The results of these tests are available in detailed research reports.

Following are some of the documents that EKS has prepared in support of its technology:

  • Early Bench-scale Reports
  • CFER Test Results Reports
  • Commercial Deployment Strategy
  • Technology Gaps Assessment
  • Process Optimisation Research Plan
  • Field Demonstration Research Plan
  • Capital Cost Estimating Framework
  • Operating Cost Estimating Framework
  • Overview of EKS-DT_Mod
  • EKS-DT_Mod Q&A Document
  • Electric Field Analysis Tool
  • EKS_DT Scaling Report
  • EKS_DT Life Cycle Analysis
  • GHG Fugitive Emissions Avoidance Analysis
  • COSIA Q&A Document
  • Wick Drains Q&A Document

If you are interested in learning more about any of these reports, contact Ed Hanna, VP, Technology Development.