• EKS: Putting the squeeze on water pollution

    Across the Alberta oil sands, more than 250 square kilometres of tailings ponds hold a hazardous slurry of water, residual bitumen and fine clay particles — the byproduct created from the bitumen extraction process. Before those ponds can be reclaimed as forests or wetlands, the solids content must be boosted to at least 60 per cent. The question is how?

EKS-DT Benefits

Environmental Benefits

EKS-DT reduces the demand on fresh water sources by increasing the water available for reuse and decreases the disturbed land footprint from tailings handling,

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Improve Long-Term Sustainability

EKS – Dewatering Technology process test results demonstrate clearly that the overall impact of EKS-DT will be to improve the long-term sustainability of Alberta's

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Reduce Costs

EKS has prepared a detailed quantitative life cycle analysis for its technology and used these results to compare its economic and environmental performance with

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EKS Technology Development

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