EKS – Dewatering Technology process test results demonstrate clearly that the overall impact of EKS-DT will be to improve the long-term sustainability of Alberta’s oil sands industry.

Social Responsibility

The EKS-DT process is clearly socially superior to current technologies on all counts:

  • Eliminates current environmental liabilities in the near term
  • Prevents the build up of future environmental and economic liabilities
  • Reduces the risk of long-term climate change
  • Transfers tailings cleanup costs to present consumers


The EKS-DT process is clearly superior to current technologies on all counts from a regulatory perspective

  • Allows the Lower Athabasca Region – Tailings Management Framework to be fully implemented as originally intended
  • Eliminates the regulatory and technical uncertainty associated with end-pit lakes
  • Allows immediate responses to more stringent future regulations
  • Reduces greatly the risks associated with current technologies (e.g. offspec product)
  • Reduces significantly the need for water withdrawals

To learn more, visit the Benefits of EKS-DT Process page.