EKR Technology Benefits

A More Effective Technology

EKR will be a more effective technology for treating tailings to meet Directive 074 regulatory requirements if the results seen in the laboratory scale up to field scale operations.

Reduced Material Handling Costs

EKR will eliminate huge amounts of material handling costs required for other tailing treatment technologies. Because EKR can treat tailings to meet regulatory standards at its final storage location, tailings will not have to be re-handled repeatedly.

Water Recovery

EKR will recover significant quantities of water for re-use in bitumen extraction that would be stored or lost to evaporation in other technologies. This water recovery and reuse will reduce the stress on fresh water supplies in Alberta.

Extended Life for Tailings Ponds

Through recovery of water for re-use in processes and compaction of tailings material, EKR has the potential to extend the capacity and life of existing tailings storage ponds, saving significant costs and reducing environmental impact.

No Chemicals or Additives

The EKR process can be completed without using any chemical additives, reducing cost and the impact on the environment.

Efficient Power Usage

EKR uses electrokinetic forces to treat tailings but it does not heat the material being treated like some other electrical processes. Because the use of power is efficient, EKS Inc. projects that power costs will be low enough to make the process cost competitive.

Benefits of EKR Compared to Alternative Technologies

Reliability EKR appears to be capable of treating tailings with different composition and water content.
Water Recovery EKR expresses large quantities of water than can be re-used in bitument recovery.
Material Handling Minimal Material Handling. EKR is applied in place so tailings can be treated and remain in their final disposal location.
Additives EKR requires no flocculants or sand to be added.
Treatment Time Complete treatment can be completed in as little as a week.
Capital Cost Low capital costs.
Operating Cost If power costs scale up as expected, operating costs should be competitive with other processes.