EKS could secure up to $15M through ERA’s Shovel-Ready Challenge

Calgary, AB – (March 8th, 2021) – ElectroKinetic Solutions Inc. (EKS) CEO Shaun Kavalinas announced today that its “Commercial Pilot of the EKS-DT Process” application has been short listed in Emissions Reduction Alberta’s (ERA’s) Shovel-Ready Challenge.  This Challenge provides successful applicants up to $15 million in funding for commercial demonstrations that have the potential to create economic stimulus and environmental resiliency in Alberta.

The EKS-DT process is a tailings dewatering technology that can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the oil sands by up to 12.5 Mt of CO2 eq.  Applying the EKS-DT process will increase investor confidence in Alberta’s oil sands industry.  As well, the technology will reduce investor risk with mining operations throughout Canada and internationally by reducing risks associated with large volumes of unstable mine tailings behind tailings dams.

Beyond its economic advantages, the ESG (environmental, social responsibility and governance) performance of the technology is outstanding; decreasing GHGs, ecological risks, land footprints and water requirements.

A massive volume of fluid fine tailings has accumulated in northern Alberta over the last 40 years, comprising more than 1,200 Mm3 in 2018 occupying 220 km2.  If every Canadian household had a backyard pool, these tailings would fill every pool more than twice to an average depth of 2.5 m.

The EKS-DT process will greatly reduce this economic and environmental liability in the short term; something no other technology can achieve.  Without the EKS-DT process, these economic and environmental liabilities are projected by the industry to grow until at least the mid-2030s.

The development of this innovative technology has received significant financial support from Alberta Innovates, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Natural Resources Canada, CNRL and other industry partners.  EKS is also discussing commercial applications of the technology with international partners.  The demand for these treatment services is worldwide and EKS plans to meet these demands through its Alberta base, providing significant economic stimulus.

About EKS: EKS is a Canadian-owned clean technology development company that has innovated the ElectroKinetic Solutions-Dewatering Technology (EKS-DT) process. This innovative technology is capable of dewatering various slurries, sludges and soft soils over a wide range of industrial applications.

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