EKR Technology Overview

Electrokinetic Reclamation (EKR) is our technology breakthrough initially conceived by EKS, Inc. technical staff with subsequent verification and industry and academic peer review.

327 hour time lapse video

This time lapse video shows the first 327 hours of a 1000 liter (1 cu meter) demonstration of Electrokinetic Reclamation (EKR) technology. The graph displays the amount of water recovered and the total estimated solids content based on weight changes. The overall solids content at the end of this clip is 56.4% by weight, up from 41.6% at the start.

Total Power: 108 kWh
Raw Power Costs: $8.64
$/Dry Tonne: $15.39
Water Captured: 265.68L
Water Evaporated: ~60.8L

Through innovative and proprietary manipulation of electrokinetic forces our EKR technology has been designed to cost-effectively implement large scale treatments of tailings from bitumen oil extraction. As seen in these time lapse images, the EKR process over a period of 24 hours expresses up to 60% of the entrained water while simultaneously compacting the tailings. This provides oil sand producers with an innovative in-situ treatment technology that requires no further material handling and complements their water conservation plans.

EKR is so adaptable that it can be incorporated into existing tailings management strategies to address off-spec materials and speed up the reclamation of legacy tailings storage.