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ElectroKinetic Solutions Inc. (EKS) Helping to Drive Innovation in the Oil Sands

EKS was profiled in the National Post of Canada as part of an awareness program instigated by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). CAPP hopes to raise awareness of innovative technologies being developed to reduce the environmental impact of the oil sands in the future. EKS is pleased to have been identified by CAPP as a company that is helping to drive innovation in the oil sands industry. EKS is proud of the recognition the industry is giving it’s Electro Kinetic Reclamation (EKR) technology and believe EKR can help oil sand producers better manage oil sand tailings.

To learn more about EKR technology:

Jim Micak speaking about ElectroKinetic Solutions, Inc.

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EKS Attends the Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions (AI EES) Annual Technology Talks

Bruce Beattie of ElectroKinetic Solutions delivers a presentation about Electro Kinetic Reclamation (EKR) technology and how it is being tested on managing oil sand tailings.

Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions Annual Technology Talks Program

Video of Bruce Beattie’s speech at AI EES

You can access Mr. Beattie’s slides on the Resources page.