EKR Technology Applications

EKR sets itself apart from competing technologies because it is adaptable to a wide range of situations, site settings and materials to meet and exceed industry reclamation needs in less time compared with conventional tailing management practices.

  • Electrode Deployment 5 Meter Spacing

    In-Place Treatment Process

    Electrodes are deployed and removed via cable and float supported apparatus.

  • Post Treatment

    In-Place Treatment Process

    Solids collect and consolidate around the anodes. Absorbed water is separated from the fines and expressed to the surface for collection and reuse in bitumen extraction.

  • Additional Treatment Layers

    In-Place Treatment Process

    Subsequent layers of MFT are treated with the electrodes offset from the preceding fill to eliminate voids from the previous layers.

EKR is:

  • Mobile and modular in design. This allows it to operate in extreme weather conditions, year round, and in almost any environment.
  • Adaptable. The program is easily configured to meet specific producer needs and complement existing tailings treatment plans.

EKR has many uses:

  • In-situ at tailings process receiving ponds
  • In pit or legacy holding lakes
  • Engineered treatment cells
  • Winter final drying treatment
  • Fluid fine tailings can be reduced to pumpable paste, an impermeable brick, or anywhere in between, depending on the reclamation site needs.
  • Vertical in-situ treatment inside a settling basin earthen (sand) dam walls to:
    —Harden MFT deposits into a plaster like substance; and—Stabilize lake wall foot and bottom areas to reduce permeability, and improve long-term impoundment security of fine solids containment.

In the immediate future EKS technicians are exploring promising new ways to continuously treat tailings in:

  • Transfer piping upon exiting bitumen extraction processing
  • Engineered series of tanks or containers
  • Post polymer/centrifuge processing in piping conveyance to final disposal pits.