About Us

ElectroKinetic Solutions is an Alberta-based company that was created to provide innovative solutions for management of tailings from oil sands and other mining operations. EKS, Inc. technology was originally developed by DPRA Canada, Inc. DPRA continues to be a partner in the development of EKS, Inc. technology.

EKS, Inc. welcomes early investors to study its business plans, understand its growth potential and capital formation needs.

EKS Team

Jim Micak

Chief Executive Officer

Jim has guided the development of the EKR- DT process since its inception. He has the combination of management, consulting, sustainability management, and regulatory experience to make EKS successful. After a 16- year career in the Ontario public service, Jim spent 23 years building a successful consulting practice focused on development and application of sustainable development technologies and software, strategic advice and guidance in securing public acceptance and regulatory approval of controversial resource development projects, and supporting clients to resolve organizational issues and challenges.

Ed Hanna

Vice-President Research and Technology Development

Ed holds a Masters of Environmental Engineering and has practiced as a private consultant for over 40 years. Modelling and forecasting the chemical, biophysical and economic dimensions of complex systems has been an integral part of his practice. Ed’s systematic analytical approach to technology development has resulted in major advances in the EKR-DT process.

Paul Mankowski

Vice-President Engineering Design

Paul has 34 years of experience as a professional engineer in the oil sands industry. His career in the industry focused on project and technology development. He has held several management and leadership roles with Syncrude Canada Ltd where he was responsible for the development of various new oil sands technologies including Fines Tails Centrifuging, Low Energy Extraction, Natural Froth Lubricity Pumping and Wet Crushing. His industry and technology experience are valuable for the success of the EKR-DT process.

Dr. Clare Armstrong

Manager of Research and Technology Development

Clare holds a PhD in experimental physics. Her training and experience provide a solid foundation for understanding the electrical and electrochemical dynamics of the EKR-DT process. Clare is responsible for the design and implementation of the process optimisation testing program and for the design of the data collection program for the field demonstrations. She also has played a key role in the updating and development of the EKS_Mod and will continue to do so in the future.

Steve Spencer

lnstrumentation Engineer

Steve is a computer and electronics engineer with over 35 years of experience who serves as a consultant to EKS. Steve oversees the instrumentation of experiments and plays a key role in modelling the behaviour of the EKR-DT process.