ELECTROKINETIC SOLUTIONS (EKS)—EKS, Inc. a sustainable technology company, has developed the ElectroKinetic Reclamation Dewatering Technology (EKR-DT). This innovative technology is applicable to a wide range of industrial situations where difficult-to-dewater slurries, sludges and unstable clay soil conditions are present. EKR-DT is particularly well suited to dewatering the fine fluid tailings produced during the extraction of bitumen from oil sand. Extensive research has shown that EKR-DT is energy efficient and cost competitive. Field-scale demonstrations are planned for 2018.

The mission of EKS, Inc. is to innovate and make commercially available reliable, flexible, practical and cost-effective slurry and soft clay dewatering systems for diverse industrial applications. Our current focus is on resolving perhaps one of the most challenging needs in the oil sands industry; namely rapidly dewatering to a high final % solids level oil sands tailings. These tailings include the large inventory of fine fluid tailings (FFT) that has been produced over the last 30 years by Alberta’s oil sands industry plus new fresh tailings that are continuing to be produced daily by the industry.

EKS is also developing applications of its technology for other types of mine tailings, slurries and sludges. Research is ongoing into additional applications and improvements to the technology.